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Let AmerAssist Gulf Coast ("AAGC") help you get more of your customers financed!  When the average cost of your product or service exceeds $1,000, an affordable payment plan that covers prime, near prime and sub-prime credit risks can increase your direct and incremental sales by 40%-50%.

In today's tightening credit markets, it has become more difficult for businesses to get their customers approved through conventional finance programs. Unless a consumer has an "A+" FICO score (690+), most finance companies are rejecting them.  At AAGC, we understand what you need to be successful:  flexible credit approvals, fair loan bids, fast loan decisions, a simple funding process and, most importantly, quick payment turnaround times to keep your cash flow ... flowing! 

AAGC can assist your business in solving consumer financing challenges through innovative and more flexible financing strategies.  Whether you're in need of a primary finance option ("First Look") or a back-up ("Second Look") source for rejected credit applications, our network of  top lenders, banks, debt buyers, and servicing companies can "close the sale".  Quite simply, AAGC can provide the most versatile and aggressive finance programs in the marketplace.

Please feel free to explore the following links to learn more about the options and Consumer Financing Programs Available form AmerAssist Gulf Coast: 

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First Look Financing  
(Primary Lending Source for all FICO Scores)

Second Look Financing     
(A "Back-Up" source for Rejected Applications)

Sub-Prime Financing
(Not appropriate for all businesses)

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Benefits to You & Your Customer
(Win-Win Scenario)

AAGC Summary
(First or Second Look and Sub-Prime)

Sample Funding "Term Sheet"      
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AmerAssist Gulf Coast consultant can be of any assistance in regards to any of our financing possibilities, please contact us at your convenience.  To contact us or to receive additional information, simply Click Here.

Alternately, Click Here to open our Client Profile Form.  Simply fill in the required information, including the type or types of financing that may be of interest, and email or mail it back to us.  If preferred, you can forward it by secured facsimile connection to:

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