Sub-Prime Financing


Sub-Prime Finance Programs are for consumers with severely impaired credit.  Where an important base of your potential customers are severely "credit challenged" or are rebounding from financial calamities, we can often implement financing options to service this customer base.  Without a specialized finance model, these consumers might otherwise defer purchases and needed services, or worse, become "lost revenue" to your business.

It requires a customized solution to control the "risks" for servicing the Sub-Prime consumer market, as they cannot be approved through traditional finance companies. Unfortunately, this consumer group is becoming more and more prevalent.  An effective Sub-Prime Finance Program can recapture a portion of these lost sale opportunities for your business with each new customer often becoming your most loyal  . . .  

and most apt to "spread-the-word"!

AAGC's Sub-Prime model can often become a "No Credit Score" program for your business.  Understanding these consumers have undergone a past financial disaster, frequently a "Soft Hit" inquiry alone is sufficient to verify recent payment history, pinpointing those who are reliably rebuilding their credit and potentially worthy of the increased underwriter risk.

Sub-Prime Consumer Finance Program
(Severely Impaired Consumers)

          • Available for qualified poor credit customers (generally < 600 FICO score) 
          • Installment Loans only
          • Loan Amounts up to $5,000
          • Business Discounts 10% or less (APR offset to consumer)        
          • Limited access to Same-as-Cash
          • Easy Online Credit Processing and Immediate Credit Decisions
          • Highest APR for customers (Risk mitigation & control)
          • Standard Terms 12 months or less
          • Electronic Signature Option
          • Quick Funding Turnaround  

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