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AmerAssist Gulf Coast - Summary of Retail Finance 

merAssist Gulf Coast ("AAGC") consultants are professionals, capable of assisting your business to design and implement customized Retail Finance solutions.  We can help you to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your existing finance programs. 

As often in life, "cheaper" doesn't necessarily mean "better".  Finance programs offering inexpensive discounts, but which narrowly restrict "approvable" credit scores, result in less customer being financed.  Too often, a large basis of your credit worthy customers may be ignored due to the "risk-tolerance" of your primary lender.  Price is unquestionably important, but too many businesses make decisions for their Consumer Finance Programs based purely focused to "price".  Frequently, the results can be measured in low loan approval rates, customer irritation, a reduction in gross sales, and worse, potential customers are too often "lost" to your competitor!

Finance programs need to be customized to embrace the majority of your prospective customers. Today's difficult and competitive marketplace commonly demands multiple options to fit the varying needs, credit worthiness, and individual preferences of most, if not all, of your prospective customers. 

During an assessment, AAGC can analyze the "thresholds" of your present lender, so you better understand their limitations and the impact on your customers.  We will additionally provide recommendations to attain a more responsible percentage in financing approvals, whether a customer's FICO score classifies him or her as an "A", "B", or "C" category consumer.  In some cases, this can be accomplished under a single affiliation, clearly defining the approvable scores and associated discounts for each credit category.  Alternately, a "Second Look" program can be activated in consort with your present, "Prime-only" lender.  In limited cases, we may also suggest "Sub-Prime" programs, but these must be measured cautiously for their effectiveness in your unique situation.

Vital in AAGC's assessment of the effectiveness of a Consumer Finance Program are the related issues of "Term" and "Affordable Payments".  Depending on your business's average transaction size, access to extended terms can reduce the payment size , becoming acceptable to a broader range of potential customers.  And, each customer may have differing objectives, some wanting shorter terms with "Interest Free" features.  Others may require longer terms, but allowing for prepayment without penalty.  In many  instances, consumers focus purely on the "affordability" of the monthly payment obligation. Your selected Finance Programs must consider each of the issues by attempting first to identify the "Customer Profile", unique to your business!

 Promotional features can also contribute to "Closing-the-Sale".  Incentives, such as "Same-As-Cash" or "Interest-Free" terms, increase your discount but can be "cheap" for the right business environment where moving your prospect to becoming a new sale ... 

                                                                                 before they become your competitor's new customer!

An AAGC consultant can guide you through the maze of these variables and introduce you to available programs that may best "match" your needs, requirements, and customer profiles.  Where adding programs, but preserving your current lender, we can assure a seamless integration to minimize the possibility for any confusion. 

Now more than ever, businesses need Consumer Finance Programs that are effective, not just inexpensive.  AAGC will evaluate your situation and make recommendations for improvements based on current market conditions. We will develop and implement a strategy that can dramatically improve approval rates while holding your costs within tolerance limits ...  so that you receive more sales revenues and your business can enjoy an increased net bottom line profits!

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