Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

                                                                        by AmerAssist Gulf Coast Financing

merAssist Gulf Coast ("AAGC") will evaluate your accounts receivable for what they are ... an asset!   Whether exploring factoring, a discounted sale of your receivables, or possibly outsourcing the billing/statement process under a service-to-purchase option, strategies exist for improving the predictability and reliability of the cash flow from your in-house receivables portfolio.  Among our numerous lending options, AAGC can review:

Accounts Receivable Financing & Factoring

 AAGC can transform your in-house accounts receivable, invoices, and bills-of sale into immediate working capital to satisfy any of your business objectives whether ongoing overhead, new product initiatives, or other growth possibilities.  AAGC can convert your receivables into a Credit Line, principally secured by receivable receipts themselves, but most often established with our client as a secondary guarantor under the Credit Line.  Alternately, AAGC can negotiate an outright sale of those receivables on an agreed percentage valuation of their "face value".  In the latter example, you may have no further responsibility or obligation, yet receive your monies immediately under the terms of the Factoring Agreement. 

 The advantage of either of these financing strategies is a predominant lending attention to the history of performance and credit reliability of your debtors.  Less attention is directed to your business, unrelated assets or other business revenues.  Your focus should be directed where it has the greatest value ... building your company and assuring it future liquidity and success, not "chasing" corporate debtors.   Accounts Receivable Financing and Factoring can be a significant strategy to this end!

Billing and Statement Outsourcing

Most often performed as an accommodation for our clients, AAGC will introduce our clientele to sources for third party Billing and Statement services.  These services can additionally included Payment Processing and "Soft-Collection" assistance.  More intensive Recovery or Collection is most often provided through AAGC's primary relationship with AmerAssist A/R Solutions.  

Service-to-Purchase Billing

Service-to-Purchase Billing, as a financing strategy, is a common extension of standard billing and statement services.  Most often, clientele with large in-house portfolios of "carried" customer accounts can use this option as an efficient financing method, while relieving the business from the administrative burden of continued billing and statement responsibilities.  Under this financing option, accounts receivable are continuously monitored for performance.  Performing assets are sold at predetermined intervals in blocks, or groups, most commonly occurring quarterly or bi-annually.  Non-performing assets are either retained in the billing and statement "pool" or, where chronically delinquent, returned to our client for disposition and/or set aside for collection services.  The Service-to-Purchase program is an excellent financing strategy resulting in a larger and more predictable cash flow to our client.  In most instances, this strategy affords more favorable pricing parameters than standard accounts receivable factoring.

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