Asset-Equity Lending

Asset-Based and Equity-Based Financing


                                        by AmerAssist Gulf Coast Financing



AmerAssist Gulf Coast can assist you in facilitating general business borrowings, established as either installment loans or revolving credit lines, thus providing for access to needed working capital and at the intervals required.  Areas that can be evaluated for security can include liquid or non-liquid assets such as accounts receivable, unpaid bills of sale, current invoices, inventory, real estate, owned equipment, royalties, and other sources for business revenue receipts.  As the recipient of an asset-based loan, your business would typically convey a security interest in the specific items presented for collateral securing the installment obligation or credit line, oftentimes also including a general ("blanket") guarantee.  In instances involving a clearly definable, and reliable, basis in ongoing sales with verifiable net revenues, future sales may in some instances serve to collateralize a borrowing.   

Other forms of financing options may be alternately available or of interest.  Once evaluating your needs and objectives, an AAGC consultant can offer suggestions among the myriad of product structures.  We can also assist your evaluation of an equity or equity/debt partnership should these forms be appropriate.  Under specific circumstances, such as corporate development or new venture undertakings, these can sometimes be an appropriate "fit". This manner of discussion generally involves three variations for investment banking relationships; those offering debt investments with an expectation to be repaid at predetermined intervals with risk-based interest, those who would, or have an option, to trade repayment for a predetermined equitable position in the company or enterprise, and those ("blended") having a right for equity exercise in part, generally the interest component, with all or a portion their actual investment in your business being repaid.  Where appropriate, each of these options can be given thoughtful consideration by your AAGC consultant will assist you throughout the process.


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